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Financial consulting

EPTA PRIME assists managers in the evaluation of the financial position of their company, mainly through balance sheet, flows and financial ratios analysis; optimal capital mix and capital budgeting techniques are used for the evaluation of corporate projects.

EPTA PRIME evaluates the impact of short term decisions, working capital investments and the financing or disinvestment of commercial credit portfolios.

EPTA PRIME monitors the credit scoring of a client company and identifies its strength and weaknesses; it also advices the client company on the financial, strategic and organization actions to obtain a better credit rating.

EPTA PRIME helps clients to optimize their relations with banks and financial institutions with the aim of achieving better financial conditions, a more effective security package for the working capital financing (bank advances, factoring, transferred credits including non performing), a smart financing of specific company projects (mortgages, project finance, minibonds, project bonds) and the pursue of soft loans and grant awards.