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Risk management

In the globalized economy, companies are exposed to different form of risks that are increasingly difficult to detect and measure. Financial risk is highly connected to price variations of the financial instruments (currencies, interest rates, prices of financial assets, stocks, bonds and commodities), to the variation of the inflation price index and to the financial policy of the company itself. All these variables affect operational and financial cash flows and determine the sustainability and robustness of the business model. In addition to the continuous control of financial risks, EPTA PRIME monitors the compliance of corporate activities with regulatory provisions, regulations, procedures and codes of conduct (security, privacy, financial reporting).

EPTA PRIME support managers in the optimization of financial risk, to protect profitability and long term performance of their company.  

EPTA PRIME  ssists clients in the definition of a minimum target of risk exposure and in the implementation of the actions to achieve it.

EPTA PRIME helps clients in the optimization of operations (money collection and payments, invoicing, index-linked pricing) and debt policies in order to obtain a balanced management of assets and liabilities also trough the utilization of derivatives.